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Refresh not Work


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I'am using PowerGadget Creator. the version is 1.0.2588.21773. Windows XP - SP2

When execute this : 

get-date | out-gauge -refresh 0:0:1 -type digital -floating


get-wmiobject -class "win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfOS_Processor" | select Name,PercentProcessorTime | Where {$_.Name -eq "_Total"} | out-gauge -MainScale_Max 100 -flotting -refresh 0:0:1 -style 2

 Refresh not work ( the context menu not work)

excuse my english, but i'am french

Best regards




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I would recommend upgrading.  I've seen some issues with refresh in earlier releases.  I am currently running 1.0.2682.33396 (and can't remember if that's an interim build that fixes something minor).

This definitely works for me, so you should upgrade first, then retry:

get-date | out-gauge -refresh 0:0:1 -type digital -floating

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Zeppex: I don't know if PowerShell's execution policy will play a role in the gadget refresh mechanism. However, you may want to try changing the PowerShell execution policy to RemoteSigned and try to run your scriptagain. By default the PowerShell execution policy is set to Restricted.

To read your current execution policy you can type

PS> get-executionpolicy

and to set it you can type:

PS> set-executionpolicy RemoteSigned

I hope this helps.



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Just downloaded the Trial version (1.0.2588.21909), auto-refresh does not works. Using in XP.

We have only 60 days to try the PowerGadgets, can we have a version with auto-refresh ?


You're joining this thread late...  What exactly are you trying with refresh?

Have you tried something like this:

get-date | out-gauge -refresh 0:0:1 -type digital -floating

What if you tried this instead:

get-date | out-gauge -refresh 0:10:0 -type digital -floating

This time, you right-click on the gadgets and do a manual refresh...  What happens?

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I'm using 1.0.2588.21909 and the refresh works on my xp sp2 but not when using 1.0.2755.24126.

It seems the behavior is random as on zeppex machine 21909 doesn't work.


Or........Initially I had 21909 installed. Uninstalled and installed 2755.24126. Is there any setting or config file maybe left after uninstallation that affects the other builds?


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We have finally found and fixed the refresh issue.

In an interim build we tried to fix an issue with a localized PowerShell version and we introduced a bug that affects refreshing on scripts. You can download an updated build from the same place you downloaded it before (check that the file date should be July 23rd or later before downloading).


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