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  2. Hi, We currently run ChartFX Java as embedded as part of a service hosted on static EC2 instances in our AWS environments. Ideally we'd like to transition these to behave like the rest or our architecture which runs as as set of immutable services, such that when we deploy a new version we just tear down the old instance and replace it with the new one as part of the pipeline, however with the SoftwareFX license and activation model I can't see how we can achieve this. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? I guess the same issues would apply to running it in a contai
  3. You can change the colors used by the boxplot, provided that you execute this code after the data has been passed to the chart and the chart has been set to use boxplot int index = stats.Gallery.BoxPlot.ShowOutliers ? 2 : 1; chart1.Series[index + 1].Color = Color.LightGray; chart1.Series[index + 1].Border.Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index + 2].Color = Color.LightGray; chart1.Series[index + 2].Border.Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index].Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index+3].Col
  4. Guest

    ChartFX 8 boxplot colors.

    I am having trouble with the boxplot graphic colors. The monochrome flag doesn't seem to do anything and there is no way to change the colors outside of selecting a different palette. The plots are way too colorful for my audience. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. ddasiki

    vb6.0 turn off

    Hello I reinstalled ChartFX6.2 ServerClient and in VB6.0 When I try to use it, VB6.0 exits without a message. I need to modify the program, but I can't work. My PC environment is Windows10 64-bit. vb6.0 What should I do?
  6. This sets all series to be painted as lines, even if before in the code you are setting a specific series to be painted as a different gallery chart1.AllSeries.Gallery = Gallery.Lines; -- This sets a specific gallery to be painted as curves, it will overwrite previous assignments to AllSeries.Gallery for this particular series chart1.Series[someIndex].Gallery = Gallery.Curve; -- This means if you want all but one of the series to be painted as Bars and the remaining one as Lines, you should first set AllSeries and then the specific series. Regards,
  7. hi Juan. thanks for your answer. It is a very large application and difficult to replicate. This next screen is the same data presented by a previous compilation of the source code. Note: No source lines for the graphic parts have been changed. But inexplicably the lines started to appear without interpolation following a zero order holder pattern. what property controls this? I tried using this. chart1.Series.Gallery = Gallery.Lines;
  8. In order to find out if you are doing something wrong or if there is a bug in our code we will need a repro case. Regards, JuanC
  9. My application creates the graphics curves in the same way but some curves have steps and others show interpolated curves. How do I eliminate these steps and make all curves continuous. ?
  10. Thanks! Yes, was just coming to post that we solved it that way. Thanks a lot for answering. Diego
  11. If you know for sure your clients all use Internet Explorer I would recommend setting the third parameter in the GetHtmlTag call to "ActiveX" The detection process use some extra files that could be different in both servers, note that we use the UserAgent sent by the browser so it is also possible that newer browsers are not being detected (in both servers) as capable of rendering ActiveX controls. Regards, JuanC
  12. Hello, so we've migrated from an old server to a windows 2012.... There is an old asp file that generates a graph... it has <%=Chart1.GetHtmlTag(Session("GraphWidth"), Session("GraphHeight"), , "Chart1") %> In the new server, that generates the following code which shows a static graf, with a button that doesn't do anything. <img src="/cfxtemp/CFT0803_1019443B9.jpg" width="600" height="420"> While in the old server, it the same code generates <OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA" TYPE="application/x-oleobject" WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="4
  13. Ok. The problem was the ChartFX PSS services startied running...stopping and disabling it fixed the use and started working again.
  14. After a few days its stopped working again. What is the process that creates this .js files in the temp folder? suddenly it stoped creating the files and we see nothing changed on the IIS configuration. Any ideas? Thanks Diego
  15. From support: Responding here so anyone else googling the problem can find the official answer.
  16. Hi, im displaying multiple charts each chart associated with a checkbox to enable scroll bar. After enable,disable scroll bar for few times i got error message as below. When i check there were few script errors. I'm thinking to use SFX_Processsing and SFX_UserCallBack events to have some time out, i did use them in chartfx7, but couldn't use in chartfx8. so is there anyway i can use or any alternative for this. Thanks Script Errors :
  17. I think its working now... we changed /ChartFX/ from virtual directory to application and it seems its working ok... will monitor for a couple of days to see if its that.
  18. Sorry didn't answer before. Uninstalling the product and reinstalling gives prompts the path to install. Thansk Diego
  19. Hello! We are just migrating from old servers (2003) to 2012 servers.. and the graphs arent working proberly because the temp .js files generated dont create the "cookie" section... Chart chart = new Chart(); chart.RenderFormat = ".NET"; MemoryStream content = new MemoryStream(); StringWriter imgMap = new StringWriter(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); StringWriter htmlTag = new StringWriter(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); chart.RenderToStream(content, imgMap, htmlTag); Sample temp js in old server: function cfx
  20. Hey, I'm working on automating the instillation and setup off my company's build machines and I have managed to find silent installers for all our build software except Chart FX 7. I was wondering if there is an established way to install Chart FX 7 and provide a serial number from the command line so I can automate the process. Thanks!
  21. Please note that when I suggested to try with a virtual folder, I meant manually creating a virtual folder in IIS. You cannot run the installer with parameters but as far as I remember there is a chance to change the target directory in one of the screens. JuanC
  22. Hello, Is it possible to run the installer with parameters to install on a different folder? Like D:\ChartFX instead of the default c : drive? Thanks!
  23. Did you try creating a brand new virtual directory on IIS? JuanC
  24. Thanks for following up. I removed the ISAPI/CGI and I get an "404.2 - Not Found" error The MIME Type for .dll is set to application/x-msdownload Not sure what else to set for it to be downloadable and not tried to be executed.
  25. In the error IIS is trying to execute this DLL As I said you want to configure IIS to only "serve" these files for download, if you manually added it to ISAPI/CGI, you must undo these changes. I would recommend you manually create a new virtual directory for testing, copy one or more DLL files and check if you point your browser to one of the DLLs if IIS returns the file or if it tries to execute it. JuanC
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