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  1. This issue was solved for the specific article scenario. If I have a property which is a dataset, returned by a web-service invoke, when I set -dataobject to the property I dont get anything displayed. Can you confirm it, please. I do something like: InvokeService.ps1 | out-chart -dataobject Dataset ....... In InvokeService.ps1 I prepare the object as stated in the article. Thanks, Cosmin
  2. I just updated the gadgets online but this issue is still there. Is it fixed?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to call a webservice over ssl but the certificate is expired and I get: Invoke-WebService : The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. How can I go around this? Can we ignore the expired SSL certificate. I can do this in C# so we should have an option on the cmdlet to make this work. The web server runs inside the intranet and it requires windows authentication. How do I tell to Invoke-Webservice to use windows authentication?Thanks,Cosmin
  4. I'm trying to add the "Last Update" title to a refreshing chart but the feature doesn't seem to work anymore. I followed the steps in this blog post http://community.softwarefx.com/blogs/powergadgets_team_blog/archive/2007/02/09/Scriptblock-support-in-chart-parameters.aspx I get a runtime exception and the chart crashes. Can you confirm and fix it please? Thanks, Cosmin.
  5. Is this feature still working? It doesn't seem to work in the latest build. I just copied the code from this article and I get a runtime exception and the whole PS crashes. Cosmin.
  6. Thanks. When is the build going to be available? It is not only a single bar actually. Basically, the details in the drill-down chart include more than one bar. It was just an example to make the things more easy. Cosmin.
  7. Thanks, it works just fine.Are these all effective things documented anywhere? Another question: If I have only one row in a dataset I represent on the chart when refreshing the chart, basically it adds the values to the chart generating multiple instances of the bars(in my case).I need only one instance of the bars and when refreshing the bars should be redrawn with the new values. Is there a way to disable this behavior also? Currently I generate an dummy row along with the real data row. Thanks,Cosmin
  8. Hi,I need to draw some chart which includes negative and positive values. out-chart though is adding a secondary Y axis to the chart. Is this the out of the box behavior?How can I specify that I dont need the secondary axis and draw everything relative to the initial Y axis regardless of the serie values?Cosmin.
  9. I added a dummy record in the dataset with "0" as the Total and "" as the code but it looks ugly.Is there any other way? Cosmin.
  10. I created another WS method that gets the parameter and it seems to work fine. The script looks like this: Invoke-Webservice -wsdl http://myserver/LiveMonitoring/MyMonitor.asmx?wsdl -method GetSingleRecordDataSet -parameters $sCode| out-chart -Label ShortCode -values Total -refresh 0:0:5 -topmost -DataGrid_Visible true -Gallery gantt Another question though: The refresh generates new "Total" bars on the chart due to single line dataset. How can I have the Total bar refresh itself without creating aditional bars. Cosmin
  11. Hi I have a master script which passes a param to a drilldown script. The drilldown script looks like: $sCode = $args[0] Invoke-Webservice -wsdl http://myserver/LiveMonitoring/MyMonitor.asmx?wsdl -method GetDataSet | where {$_.ShortCode -eq $sCode} | out-chart -Label ShortCode -values Total -refresh 0:0:5 -topmost -DataGrid_Visible true -Gallery gantt First time it displays data but after 5 seconds it doesnt refresh and the problem is where cmdlet can not execute because the $sCode param is null. Is this an out-chart issue? How can I get around it? Cosmin.
  12. Hi, The version on the trial page is not the right one. Get the latest from here: ftp.powergadgets.com/currentbuild Cosmin.
  13. Hi, JuanC blogged about a new feature "Using conditional attributes" which is a great one, however if I use a drill-down script and the same -group option when I navigate between the views I lose the coloring of the bars in the parent. http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pk5FAYs_Y-GUBsrlbSfJv03vqr_9d5w_i_DMXhuUTvkl0iFkCOfvZvdwzNit9lGQxNaBiKYJ_suA When navigating back..... http://byfiles.storage.live.com/y1pk5FAYs_Y-GUrcEiCTtSeQpacnuEU29BdG021wShAYJU6J7n-a_sTX8v1APuMooLbSm9kh6xoLXY I'm going to have a demonstration to other people in the company. Could you address this as soon as you can, pl
  14. Just before invoking any powergadget in powershell you need to register it. To do that run the following and then try your command:add-pssnapin powergadgets You can have this command in the powershell profile or try to open the power shell console from the powergadgets program group: Start-> All programs-> PowerGadgets -> Powershell with powergadgets Hope this helps,Cosmin.
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