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  1. You can change the colors used by the boxplot, provided that you execute this code after the data has been passed to the chart and the chart has been set to use boxplot int index = stats.Gallery.BoxPlot.ShowOutliers ? 2 : 1; chart1.Series[index + 1].Color = Color.LightGray; chart1.Series[index + 1].Border.Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index + 2].Color = Color.LightGray; chart1.Series[index + 2].Border.Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index].Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[index+3].Color = Color.Black; Please note that indices are different depending on whether you are showing Outliers or not. We will be uploading a hotfix for the ignored BoxPlot.Monochrome property in a couple of days, please note that even after installing the hotfix, you will need code to set the colors you want to use, as Monochrome will mean we share the attributes between the upper and lower whiskers and the upper and lower box, so with the hotfix you would need something like stats.Gallery.BoxPlot.Monochrome = true; chart1.Series[0].Color = Color.LightGray; chart1.Series[0].Border.Color = Color.Black; chart1.Series[3].Color = Color.Black; To download a hotfix you will need to have a valid StudioFX subscription and visit https://www.mysoftwarefx.com/hotfix, you can also post your questions/issues at https://www.mysoftwarefx.com/support. The hotfixes also include new functionality, e.g. we recently added a boolean ShowMedian property to BoxPlot. Regards, JuanC
  2. This sets all series to be painted as lines, even if before in the code you are setting a specific series to be painted as a different gallery chart1.AllSeries.Gallery = Gallery.Lines; -- This sets a specific gallery to be painted as curves, it will overwrite previous assignments to AllSeries.Gallery for this particular series chart1.Series[someIndex].Gallery = Gallery.Curve; -- This means if you want all but one of the series to be painted as Bars and the remaining one as Lines, you should first set AllSeries and then the specific series. Regards, JuanC
  3. In order to find out if you are doing something wrong or if there is a bug in our code we will need a repro case. Regards, JuanC
  4. If you know for sure your clients all use Internet Explorer I would recommend setting the third parameter in the GetHtmlTag call to "ActiveX" The detection process use some extra files that could be different in both servers, note that we use the UserAgent sent by the browser so it is also possible that newer browsers are not being detected (in both servers) as capable of rendering ActiveX controls. Regards, JuanC
  5. Please note that when I suggested to try with a virtual folder, I meant manually creating a virtual folder in IIS. You cannot run the installer with parameters but as far as I remember there is a chance to change the target directory in one of the screens. JuanC
  6. Did you try creating a brand new virtual directory on IIS? JuanC
  7. In the error IIS is trying to execute this DLL As I said you want to configure IIS to only "serve" these files for download, if you manually added it to ISAPI/CGI, you must undo these changes. I would recommend you manually create a new virtual directory for testing, copy one or more DLL files and check if you point your browser to one of the DLLs if IIS returns the file or if it tries to execute it. JuanC
  8. This file needs to be downloaded to the client, not executed by IIS. Normally it should be placed in a directory where all users have read but not execute access. JuanC
  9. Have you checked the IIS log to see why the NetIEClient.Loader.dll is not being returned to the browser? Please note that depending on your settings, you might need to turn on logging and request the page again. Regards, JuanC
  10. Can you please post some sample data along with an image of the chart you would want to create for such data? In our product some gallery types (like Scatter, Line, Area) support arbitrary X values while others (like Bar) do not as it would cause Bars to be overlapped or not have the same width. Regards, JuanC
  11. DockArea is an enumeration, so you should be able to write chart1.LegendBox.Dock = DockArea.Left; JuanC
  12. In ChartFX 7 you need to use DateTime.ToOADate() to pass a date as a double. Regards, JuanC
  13. Please try downloading the most recent hotfix for ChartFX Client Server 6.2 (as of this post the most recent public build is 6.2.6134) and try again. If the problem persists, please send us the source of the smallest sample application that replicates the issue. Regards, JuanC
  14. Unfortunately we do not support XYZ charts in any of our WinForms versions. Regards, JuanC
  15. I am not too familiar with iTextSharp but it seems to be a PDF creation library so I would say creating an image (they way you are probably doing it) is the way to integrate charts into it. Regards, JuanC
  16. JuanC

    Exception error

    I would recommend using Fusion Log Viewer (fuslogvw) to try to pinpoint why the assembly is not being found. Regards, JuanC
  17. Please contact products at softwarefx dot com as you might need an updated component and/or license information. We cannot handle licensing issues in this forum. Regards, JuanC Edit: Replaced support with products as email alias to use
  18. Yes, there is zoom functionality. It is exposed in the Zoom property of the chart, if you want to expose a "zoom" button in your own toolbar you could do chart1.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Selection; There is also a separate magnifier mode that you can enable with chart1.Zoom.Magnifier.IsEnabled = true; Regards, JuanC
  19. That is correct, ChartFX WPF 8.X has no ToolBar. Regards, JuanC
  20. Yes, I was referring to the latest ChartFX 7 build. Any build marked 7.0.6305 or later should include the fix. Regards, JuanC
  21. We were failing to dispose a child control, this has been fixed on our latest build, note that this control AFAIK would still be properly disposed in the next GC but clearly if you run multiple Reset calls in a tight loop it might cause some problems. Regards, JuanC
  22. Please note that Chart.Reset is meant to be used if you have a "dirty" chart that you need to reset to its original state, e.g. a chart with data and several settings that you need to reset back. You mentioned you are doing this as part of the initialization process so I wonder why you are using Reset. The code for reset reinitializes the chart using our serialization process but does not show an obvious leak, can you clarify how are you detecting this leak? Regards, JuanC
  23. I would recommend you start changing the style to one of our simpler styles such as "Basic" or "Simple", e.g. chart1.Style = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Basic.Style; To remove the gradient background, change the background property to a solid brush, e.g. chart1.Background = Brushes.White; After that you can configure colors or other properties as desired. JuanC
  24. I apologize for the issue with the email address, please resend your email to products at softwarefx dot com, if possible include a link to this thread so that it can get routed appropriately. JuanC
  25. Can you please send us one of the powershell scripts that worked when you uninstalled powershell 3.0 and stopped working after reinstalling powershell 3.0? You can send it to support at softwarefx dot com, if it has proprietary information in you can send us an edited version with the out-gauge parameters only as I do not think it depends on the data. It is probably a bug related to one of the parameters or powergadgets template you are using. JuanC
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