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Numbers of processes

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I have to start using PowerGadgets more.  This is pretty slick.

This is what works for me:

(ps).count | out-gauge -type digital -float -style 10 -refresh 0:0:2 -size 64,64

 There's no reason to use Get-WMIObject for the local system. 

I just wish there was a way to have the gauge float but still be able to add text somewhere so I can remember what the gauge is showing. 

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You can get a title by doing this

(ps).count | out-gauge -type digital -float -style 10 -refresh 0:0:2 -size 64,64 -titles_0_text "#Proc" -titles_0_layout_target AnchorPoint -titles_0_layout_anchorpoint 0.2,0.7

The key here is that by setting the target layout to be AnchorPoint you can control exactly where the title is located (coordinates a from 0 to 1)



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You can also use the Template Creator (out-gauge -config) to decide the best location with the mouse and also avoid some typing [;)]

 You will finally invoke something like this:

(ps).count | out-gauge -template MyTemplate -refresh 0:0:2

You can even make the refresh rate part of the template if you want. 


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