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Using a line type chart with out-chart and varying the color of the line


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PSH> gc chart.tmpCountry,ValueCanada,1Canada,10

PSH> import-csv chart.tmp|out-chart -values value -label country -palette highcontrast -series_0_gallery lines

The result is a solid green line to represent the line chart type.

 However, I'd like to know if I can vary the color of the line itself, depending on the value at that point, or even a gradual change in color of the line.

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What you are looking for is achieved using the ConditionalAttributes parameter. For example, the following line will color any point between 5 and 20 in Red:

import-csv chart.tmp|out-chart -values value -label country -palette highcontrast -series_0_gallery lines -ConditionalAttributes_0_Color Red -ConditionalAttributes_0_Condition_From 5 -ConditionalAttributes_0_Condition_To 20

Your sample will reflect better the condition if you use a bar chart instead of lines. since gradual changes are not supported. It will also show fine if you add another entry to your csv file, like: Canada, 15.

If you create several ConditionalAttributes it can become quite verbose. One option to overcome this is to use the Template Creator (using out-chart -config) 


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Another option would be to use our gradient fill mode instead of using conditional attributes, in this mode bar/area charts will use gradient from the "main color" (up) to the "alternate color" (down).

10,5,20,12,14,18,6 | out-chart -gallery area -AllSeries_FillMode gradient -palette highcontrast -Series_0_AlternateColor DarkBlue10,5,20,12,14,18,6 | out-chart -gallery area -AllSeries_FillMode gradient -palette highcontrast -Series_0_Color "#FF00FF00" -Series_0_AlternateColor "#2000FF00"

 Note that in the second sample we are specifying both the main and alternate color and using a semi transparent color for alternate.



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