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Running the cmdlets won't block the PSH command line until the proper libraries are loaded and calculations are done, which can be just a few seconds.

When running one of the graphical cmdlets, a PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe process will start up to handle the graphics and any continuous/refresh requirements will be handled by external processes to PSH.

In other words, you get you command-line back withing seconds...

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Executing any of our cmdlets does not block PowerShell by default. There is one option in which PowerShell is blocked until you close the gadget, which is when you execute the cmdlet with the -modal option. In that case, the chart/gauge/map is shown in a modal window, which blocks PSH until you close it; there are a few circumstances in which you may want to show the gadget in modal way, but it is not the default behavior. Can you please elaborate on how you are running your cmdlets?



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I use my widget with this command line : 

ps> get-process explorer | my_widget


 This command shows a window with information about the process in the pipe.


In my c# code, i create a pipeline and execute a $form.showmodal() in it. (I added the variable $form with SetVariable)

Powershell command line is not blocked but my widget doesn't work very good :

There is a timer which refresh my gadget but it seems the event for the timer doesn't work.


Can you help me to anderstand ?


Powergadgets create a process to host gadgets ? How it works ?

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The PowerGadgets architecture is much more complex than that. We have a large number of executables and processes interacting with each other and with the system resources. Explaining those interactions in a few lines would be almost impossible and would also reveal parts of our technology which we are not allowed to. I am sorry we can't be any more specific on this issue.

On the other hand, if you elaborate on the type of widgets/gadgets you are creating, perhaps we can help you achieve them through the use of any of our PowerGadgets cmdlets. That would give you the advantage of using all the features we have implemented in PowerGadgets through thousands and thousands of man-hour in research and development.


Ivan GiugniProduct ManagerPowerGadgets

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