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I am getting samll squres


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do you see these on screen? or in printouts?

I had the same problem but the squares appeared only on printouts. i noticed that if you have the size of a graph defined in pixels, this sometimes causes squarers/rectangles of the defined graph size to appear on the page background (only for full size printouts).

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This is really weird. Never seen this before.

I can only guess the cause of this and can never be sure unless I can reproduce it. Here are my best guesses:

1) A video driver issue. Does this happen in different computers? If it does, please post a sample program that we can run here too reproduce the problem. If the problem only happens in a particular hardware configuration then it is definitely a printer driver problem and you must look for a new driver.

2) You are painting this in the postpaint or prepaint event without realizing it, Does this happen with any chart? Does it happen when you simply drop a chart in a form in a brand new project and add no code at all?

3) You are adding annotation objects.  Same as before try with a default empty project.

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We have seen this problem on interactive charts (AJAX) that are not using the .NET control. In our case a table style was causing your HTML tables to collapse and have borders. We changed our table style and it solved the issue. In our case the style was defined as

table { border-collapse: collapse; }

and the style was cascading down to the tables that the Chart used.



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