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  1. Yes. Chart FX supports multiple Y-Axis. See SeriesAttributes.YAxis for more details as well as the programmer's guide.
  2. You could use logarithmic scale.
  3. Somehow, VS2010 is not finding the Chart FX Designer. Please contact tech. support and they will take you through a series of steps to solve the problem.
  4. YFrom values are not supported in the DataGrid.
  5. This is by design. Items in the LegendBox can be inverted by doing: chart.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart.Series].Inverted = true;
  6. If you don't have an EXE, you will need a license string to use with Chart.SetLicenseString. Please contact Software FX Support to obtain one.
  7. If you are using the latest service pack (6.2.3188.26800, tested with .NET 2.0) there shouldn't be any difference using the Framework 1.1 or 2.0. If you are still experiencing the problem with this version you will need to contact technical support directly and provide them with details on your environment as well as the type of chart you are creating.
  8. No. Surface charts do not support conditional markers.
  9. Are you using the Windows Form (.NET) version in VB6 using Interop or Chart FX 6.2 COM?
  10. The X-Axis can be one of the following 2: - Continuous: In this mode the scale will be continuous and not dictated by the data points but by a range and a step. - Discrete/Categorical: The X-Axis is simply a collection of points. There is no fixed relationship between the labels, they are simply strings. Some chart type: Bars,Hi-Low-Close,Candlestick and Cubes only support discrete/categorical X-Axis, therefore, if like in your case, the date skips some values, they will be reflected in the X-Axis. When your chart contains X-Values and the X-Axis it is categorical, we do what we call "Data Driven Labeling" in which we let the data control the labels on the X-Axis, not the range, but the actual points. In a continuous X-Axis, the data is irrelevant. Only the range has an effect on the X-Axis labeling. Looks to me that you want to have Data Driven labels, but by default, if your chart is not one of the galleries mentioned above, your X-Axis will be continuous. You can change this by setting: chart.ExtraStyle |= ChartStyles.ForceDataDriven;
  11. Do you have the latest Service Pack from our support site (7.0.3754.18555)? If not, you can get it here: http://support.softwarefx.com/ProductBase.aspx?Product=CfxNet70
  12. Simply set the property to null (Nothing in VB).
  13. No. We do support SPC charts in Chart FX 7.0 (Statistical extension) but with constant control limits (the same through the chart).
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