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  1. Hi, we are migrating our App from asp.net 1.1 to asp.net 2.0 and i'm having a problem drawing a chart. In version 1.1 works fine but not in 2.0 Actually we are exporting a PDF with the chart on it and it shows this error: In version 1.1 Chart shows like this: Can you help me? Thanks
  2. Ups my mistake, that actually was the code snippet for a PDF Export. I will copy the real code during the day Thanks
  3. Hi Carlos, thanks for your response. Maybe i was not clear enough (sorry for my english), i' was wondering why temp files (graph files) are store in my Application temp's directory and not in ChartFx' temp directory. I'm exporting an xls file with a xlst transformation. This XLS file has 3 graphs on it, 3 temp files (graphs) are generate in my App temp's directory. DataDynamics.ActiveReports.Export.Pdf.PdfExport export = new DataDynamics.ActiveReports.Export.Pdf.PdfExport(); Stream stream = new MemoryStream(); export.Export(sr.Document, stream);
  4. HiI'm using ChartFX 6.2 for .Net and i'm exporting a chart to an excel file. I was wondering why ChartFX creates temp files in my application's temp and not in ChartFX's temp.Is there a way to change this? The problem is only at exporting charts, visualization works fine (uses ChartFX's temp directory to store files)Thanks a lotFrank
  5. Hi, is there any way i can use ChartFX 6.2 in a .Net 2.0 project (with ASP.NET server) ? Thanks a lot
  6. FranM

    AxisY Format

    Thanks for the reply, it was exactly what i needed. Thanks again
  7. Hi, I have a question about format on axisY. I have an axisY that shows percentage values. I want to show the axis without decimals, so i wrote chart.AxisY.LabelsFormat.Decimals=0; But i want that value with decimals. Is there any way to show NO decimals on the AxisY and have values WITH decimals? Thanks. Francisco
  8. Hi, I wanted to know some things about performance. For example, I have a page with four graphs, some of the this graphs are taking too long. So, i was wondering which are the things that i've to take into account in this kind of situation (in spite of the query's complexity). The graph's type (bars, lines) it's a issue to take into consideration? Thanks! Francisco
  9. Hi, I have the following problem with Chart FX for .Net. I havea user control that display some sort of information. Below thiscontrol, there is another control that displays extra information. Thislast control is visible when the user moves over with the mouse.Finally I have a chart below this controls, and the problem is thatwhen the second control is visible, the chart gets in front of thecontrol. I tried with z index but it didnt work. Any idea? PD: Sorry for my english
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