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  1. Hi I need to create a chart with multiple series of data as follows: Series 1: 365 daily data points, displayed as line chart Series 2: 12 monthly data points, displayed as bar chart Is it possible to plot 30 of the daily data points for every 1 monthly data point as currently my bars when displayed are very thin. I see there is AxesX collection of X-Axis so I am assuming that it should be possible to have 2 X-Axis in the collection 1 for the bar and the other for line but not sure how exactly to do it. Thanks Marshall
  2. Hi I am using a Bar Chart in VS 2010 ASP.NET with a data series that has a wide range of values. for e.g some values are 4000 while others are say 3 or 5 This causes a few bars to be very tall and others very small. Is there a way to shorten the length of the few taller bars so that the others are more visible. Thanks Marshall
  3. Hi, I am using ChartFX 7 with ASP.NET in my project and need to display approx 8 - 10 charts per tab in AJAX Tab control each having approx 1 -2 years worth of data. What I have noticed is that if I show the data on a daily basis i.e X-Axis having a step of 1 instead of a monthly basis i.e X-Axis having a step of 30 it causes an issue with the IE browser when scrolling either vertically or horizontally on the page. Are there limitations on the number of charts that one can embed in webpage and if one has to show may charts in a page is there a preferred way of doing it so to not cause i
  4. Hi, We are planning on moving our application to a 64 bit OS i.e Windows Server 2003 64 bit SP 2 and needed to install ChartFX for .NET 6.0 to use with our ASP.NET 4.0 web application. Is there a separate 64 bit install for Chart FX 6.0 for .NET and if so where can I download the same. Thanks Marshall
  5. Hi I am looking to create a line chart in which I have only partial data i.e I have data only from Jan to May but need the XAxis to show months from Jan to Dec. The line should show up only for the moths that I have data. I tried setting the future points to null but that does not seem to work. Anyone who has run into a similar situation please advice on how to go about this task or if it is possible. Thanks Marshall
  6. Hi, I am trying to generate a 2D side by side stacked bar chart but even though I am getting the bars side by side I am unable to get them stacked. Is there anything that I am missing? I have included a couple of code snippets below for reference. Thanks Marshall DataTable DtChart = GetEmptyChartData();for (int i = 0; i < ChartDt.Rows.Count; i++) { string planName = ChartDt.Rows["plan_name"].ToString(); DtChart.Rows.Add(new object[] { ChartDt.Rows["year"].ToString(), ChartDt.Rows["econ_scen"].ToString(), ChartDt.Rows["plan_name"].ToString(), ChartDt.Rows["value"]
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