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  1. Hi, We are getting following exception on our Test Server when using Financial Extentions with Test/QA Installation on Windows Server 2008 64 Bit Machine. While application is ruuning all other simple ChartFx fine. Furthermore, It is working fine on Development machiones as well as Staging Server. Here is the stack trace: [LicenseException: Exception of type 'System.ComponentModel.LicenseException' was thrown.] ChartFX.WebForms.Financial.Financial.b(IContainerX A_0) +141 ChartFX.WebForms.Financial.Financial.c(IContainerX A_0) +28 ChartFX.WebForms.ExtensionCollectio
  2. Hi, I have been waiting for a long time but found no response on this request. According to following artical, FieldUsage.Label do not support compact. Am I right? http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/11109/27206.aspx Thanks
  3. Hi, we are using VS 2008 and followed the same steps and it give following message: ChartFX.WebForms.dll not a Microsoft.net module we are using ChartFX 7.0.3754.18555 Thanks
  4. Hi, We are using Line Chart and using Dates as FieldUsage.Label on x-axis and numeric values in y-axis as FieldUsage.Value. We are are also supporting daily, weekly data compact using following code: chart.Data.Y.CompactFormula = CompactFormulas.First;chart.Data.X.CompactFormula = CompactFormulas.First;chartRollingValuation.Data.Compact(7); // for weeklyIt works fine to compact Values in Y-axis but do not work with Dates as Label in x-asis and show initial date values. If we use Dates as FieldUsage.XValue then this functionality works fine. but due to some other requirements (we have to ha
  5. Hi Frank, We are using Line Chart and I am afraid this is not working for us. we were using following chart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new ChartFX.WebForms.FieldMap("Field1", ChartFX.WebForms.FieldUsage.XValue)); now we are used following chart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new ChartFX.WebForms.FieldMap("Field1", ChartFX.WebForms.FieldUsage.Label)); and it works fine and weekends are skipped but it is disabling Sections added on that axis can you assist further in this context Thanks
  6. Hi, We have a line chart with as much as 1000+ or more date values in x-axis and numeric values on y-axis. We can have more then one series in the chart. We are using arraylist of dates to pouplate x-axis. this data does not contain weekends. Therefor it has only data for Monday to Friday and Satureday, Sunday Dates are skiped from the series. But Chart shows dates lines/space for Satureday and Sundays. Can you help me to skip the weekends from the chart showing data for years, 1 to 5 years on daily basis? I tried AutoScall property but it make chart crash and not displayed.
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