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  1. is it possiable to assign the JSON object to chart? thanks & regards rao
  2. Dear Sir, I have to bind the data on client side. i have java script function with parameter (result) chartPie.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = SfxXML; this command how to write client side. result parameter having the data i have to bind the data client side. Thanks & Regards Rao
  3. i want to put the point lables divide lines. how to put the divide lines for the pie chart. the lines color i have to put white color. Thanks & Regards Rao
  4. i want to zoom the plot area in the pie chart. how to do ? Thanks & Regards Rao
  5. rao


    I am assign the point lables like this chartPie.Points[0, 0].Text = "Equities";I am hard coding now i have this data in the xml file. How to take the data from xml file.
  6. protected void Chart1_Click(object sender, HitTestEventArgs e) { if (e.HitType == HitType.Point) { lblData.Text = Chart1.Data[e.Series, e.Point].ToString(); } } data is not displaying in the lblData.text. i have set chart.UseCallbackForEvents = true;
  7. Dear All, On click of pie chart slice page should not refresh. i wrote the click event , while clicking the pie chart slice whole page refreshing. My requirement page will not refresh when clicking the pie chart slice.
  8. I am using master page and user control how to call the ajax program in side the user control?
  9. i am assign the chart value to label.i am getting the run time error.lblData.Text = chartPie.Data.X[e.Series, e.Point].ToString();please find the attachment.
  10. how to write click event client side (with out refreshing the full page). Thanks & Regards Rao
  11. Dear All, I want to display the data on the grid on click of the pie chart slice. Thanks & Regards Rao
  12. My problem is solved, i have put the image render format =auto
  13. How to read the xml file? <root> <col> <cash>1</cash> <equities>1000</equities> </col> </root>
  14. This is my code I wrote this code in page load. I am getting the static value. i have to change the dynamic where can i bind the data. on mouse move to i have to get the label points how do i get it? string sSecutiry = string.Empty; sSecutiry = chartpie.Points[0, 0].Text; chartpie.AllSeries.Link.OnMouseOver = "ShowContent('" + sSecutiry + "');"; chartpie.AllSeries.Link.OnMouseOver = "ShowContent('" + chartpie.Points[0, MouseMove.Point].Text + "');"; chartpie.AllSeries.Link.OnMouseOut = "HideContent('uniquename4'); return true;";
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