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Do you have an example for how to configure grid item editor droplists?  I see that there is a data field type call LookupField but I am not certain how to properly configure it.  My aspx page markup follows where I am trying to embed a weekday type droplist.  The problem is that I get an exception when I try to edit grid items.  Thanks for any help.

<GridFX:LookupField UniqueID="Select">

<Input ControlType="DropDown" />


<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Sunday" Value="1" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Monday" Value="2" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Tuesday" Value="3" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Wednesday" Value="4" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Thursday" Value="5" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Friday" Value="6" />

<GridFX:LookupItem Text="Saturday" Value="7" />


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