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  1. Is there an example for adding a templated column available that I could take a look at? Thanks. Paul
  2. I need to be able to select one or more rows from the grid. I would like to know how to do this in two different manners. 1) By selecting multiple grid rows. and 2) By place a check box in a column of each row. Can you point me to an example of how this can be programmed using GridFX? Thanks
  3. This property (e.item) is null. Hence, my problem.
  4. The lastest version posted is from 12/11/2007. Is there something newer that fixes this issue?
  5. My version is 1.0.2901.23051 which is also the latest version posted on your web site. Is there something newer?
  6. I am having trouble with the OnItemDeleting event handler. I have an unbound grid that is being populated programmatically and need to handle the delete event. Specifically, I need to determine the grid row that is being deleted. How do I use the deleting event args to determine the item that is being deleted? protected void Grid1_ItemDeleting(object sender, GridFX.WebForms.GridItemDeletingEventArgs e) { // Delete action goes here. } Also where can I find documenation for the OnItemInserting, OnItemUpdating and OnItemDeleting event handlers?Thanks
  7. Do you have an example for how to configure grid item editor droplists? I see that there is a data field type call LookupField but I am not certain how to properly configure it. My aspx page markup follows where I am trying to embed a weekday type droplist. The problem is that I get an exception when I try to edit grid items. Thanks for any help. <GridFX:LookupField UniqueID="Select"> <Input ControlType="DropDown" /> <LookupItems> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Sunday" Value="1" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Monday" Value="2" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Tuesday" Value="3" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Wednesday" Value="4" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Thursday" Value="5" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Friday" Value="6" /> <GridFX:LookupItem Text="Saturday" Value="7" /> </LookupItems> </GridFX:LookupField>
  8. Thanks. That was exactly what I needed.
  9. Can you tell me how to add a row (GridItem) to the grid programmatically from my code behind C# file? Alternatively, maybe you could reference a sample that does this. Thanks Paul
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