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Row Selection/Cell Grouping


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Couple of quick questions about row selection:

Does the grid allow multi row selection?

If yes then can you select a range of rows eg. select row 1 then go on to select row 5 and the grid knows you want all rows in between as well? Instead of having to select each row in turn?

Can you drag and drop on to the grid or from the grid (either with single row or multi row selection)?

Also a couple of quick questions about grouping:

Can you merge/group cells with the same values in a column or row - similar to most spreadsheet functionality?

Can you perform automatic totals on rows and columns? (depending on data type obviously)

Sorry for all the questions, we are trying to find a grid which matches all our system requirements, if we can't find anything we may have to extend a current VS grid which we are not looking forward too!!


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We are working on having the Multirow selection feature available soon, and it will support all the options you are asking for, including selecting consecutive rows using Shift key and alternate rows using Ctrl key.

Now, can you tell us more about your needs with Multirow feature? It can help us to shape it better. What are you planning to do with those rows once they are selected?

For the time being drag and dropping on to the grid or from the grid, is not supported in Grid FX.

Regarding grouping functionalities, Grid FX comes with wealth of options to group data. It allows using different criteria, different data types and multi-levels; though we are confident it can help you with your data grouping needs.

Totaling is not automated at this time, but it can be accomplished easily with a little programming by looping through the rows collection.

Tell us more about your needs using Grid FX and we will also like to have your feedback using Grid FX and how you liked the product. We will look forward for your comments.


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