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  1. Couple of quick questions about row selection: Does the grid allow multi row selection? If yes then can you select a range of rows eg. select row 1 then go on to select row 5 and the grid knows you want all rows in between as well? Instead of having to select each row in turn? Can you drag and drop on to the grid or from the grid (either with single row or multi row selection)? Also a couple of quick questions about grouping: Can you merge/group cells with the same values in a column or row - similar to most spreadsheet functionality? Can you perform automatic totals on rows and columns? (depending on data type obviously) Sorry for all the questions, we are trying to find a grid which matches all our system requirements, if we can't find anything we may have to extend a current VS grid which we are not looking forward too!!
  2. Taff

    Grid Scrolling

    Thanks mate, that helps. How about the following can you: Enable Only single row selection Enable Multi row selection (this one is really important to us) If you can multi row select can you extend this to select multi rows between two rows ie select one row, then go 3 rows down and select a new row with the shift key pressed and the grid selects all rows inbetween, bit like outlook
  3. Taff

    Grid Scrolling

    Can you enable scrolling on the grid, we also want to turn off the 'enable paging' option?
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