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How to simplify the charts appearance?


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How can I alter the appearance of the complete chart in the correct way. I played a bit with palette but so far not so successful as wanted to.

How can I generate e.g. such a view.

Posted Image


and eliminate all that additional gradients and so on.


Posted Image

Best regards

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Hello TestTest: 

You can modify the appearance of the chart by using the Palette class. There is a sample project that illustrates how to use custom palettes, and it is usually located in the installation directory at C:Program Files (x86)Chart FX for WPF 8.1Help and SamplesSample ApplicationsWPF. The “Custom Palette” sample show you how to create a new palette and use it as your color scheme. 

Please find attached a simple sample showing how to change the appearance you are looking for. Please note that this sample is only intended for demonstration purposes, as its main objective is to show a very basic implementation of the desired behavior. I am sure it could be improved in many ways according to your needs, but we certainly believe it can be used as a good starting point for achieving this requirement. 

Posted Image 

For further information about the palette class, please refer at the following link (you can also find this documentation in the Resource Center that comes installed with the product): 



WPF Palette.zip

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I would recommend you start changing the style to one of our simpler styles such as "Basic" or "Simple", e.g.


            chart1.Style = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Basic.Style;
To remove the gradient background, change the background property to a solid brush, e.g.
            chart1.Background = Brushes.White;
After that you can configure colors or other properties as desired.
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