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  1. Hello, Is there a property to change between the Scroll ZoomStyle and Stripe ZoomStyle? Also, I have a small app that uses "chart1.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Zoomed;" and there the zoom element (Stripe) is visible, but the Type is unchanged and has the default type value is set to "Auto". If I use the ZoomMode. Selection, the scroll/zoom element wouldn't appear until I make a selection in the chart. Regards
  2. Hello, How can I alter the appearance of the complete chart in the correct way. I played a bit with palette but so far not so successful as wanted to. How can I generate e.g. such a view. and eliminate all that additional gradients and so on. Best regards
  3. Hello, I need to export chart to excel file. I try to click menu on toolbars "Copy to clipboard",but I need only chart (not include toolbars) like the red box below : How can I export,save to clipbord or any method to show chart in excel file? Thank you.
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