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  1. Hello TestTest: You can modify the appearance of the chart by using the Palette class. There is a sample project that illustrates how to use custom palettes, and it is usually located in the installation directory at C:Program Files (x86)Chart FX for WPF 8.1Help and SamplesSample ApplicationsWPF. The “Custom Palette” sample show you how to create a new palette and use it as your color scheme. Please find attached a simple sample showing how to change the appearance you are looking for. Please note that this sample is only intended for demonstration purposes, as its main objective is to sho
  2. Hello TestTest, I would like to let you know Chart FX provides a method called "Export" that enables you to save chart files, images and data in a variety of formats. In order to export the chart without the toolbar, please refer to the code below: [C#] Chart1.ToolBar.Visible = false ; Chart1.Export( FileFormat .Png, System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath + "tempsample.png" ); Please note that using this method will automatically generate an image of the chart in the specified folder with the preferred name. After the chart image is created you can simply add it to the Excel spre
  3. Hello, In order to provide you with an accurate answer, could you please let us know if you are instantiating the chart into the main executable or wrapping it within a class library (dll)?
  4. Hello anupam3m, In order to provide you with an accurate answer, could you please let us know whether you are instantiating the chart inside the main executable or wrapping it within a class library (.dll)? Also, please note that this forum is for Chart FX 8. Please re-post your question in the corresponding section for your product (Chart FX 7 Windows Forms).
  5. Hello Ajith, In order to set a Secondary Y axis, please add the following code: [C#] SeriesAttributes serie1 = chart1.Series[1]; serie1.AxisY = chart1.AxisY2; The code above will generate the following output: I hope this helps. Regards,
  6. Hello Manticohd, In order to achieve the result you are looking for, you can change the label angle and modify the plot area margin. Please take a look at the following sample code: Chart1.AxisY.LabelAngle = 20 Chart1.PlotAreaMargin.Left = 2 I hope this helps. Regards, Software FX Support
  7. Hello Himpact, Chart FX Statistical extends the power of Chart FX by adding statistical analysis capabilities to your charting applications. Error bars are supported with the Chart FX Statistical Extension. You can find detailed information at the link below: http://support.softwarefx.com/Chart_FX_7/article/2501002#c246ad88-3334-e211-84a5-0019b9e6b500 We kindly invite you to download a fully-functional trial version so that you can evaluate the product and make sure it meets your requirements: http://www.softwarefx.com/extensions/trial.aspx Software FX Support
  8. Hello Joyal, Please note that Chart FX Reporting Services is intended tobe used only in Report Server Applications under the Business IntelligenceDevelopment Studio included with the development tools of SQL 2005 ReportingServices. In other words, you need to have at least the development tools ofSQL 2005 installed on your machine. Could you please let us know if you are trying to createclient side reports (.rdlc) with Chart FX? Also, are you using a 32 or 64 bitmachine? Joseo Software FX Support
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