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Keeping current state of the charts


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 I am working on a export funtionality where I am trying to find all the chartfx objects with iterating the controls under a content page and exporting them as PNG files. Everything was working all fine until I transferred my code to a seperate assembly and added it as a dll to the bin folder of my website after compiling it. Right now, export functionality is still working, however, it does not reflect whatever shown on the page but rather shows default state of the chartfx objects which kills whole purpose of exporting. Any ideas to export these chartfx objects using a seperate assembly without losing the changes that are made to them? Thanks...

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The dll from which you export the chart should not have any effect. My guess is that the difference comes not from where you are making this call from but when, when as in when in the page cycle. Make sure the call to export is done after the ViewState has been loaded and all your customization code in your page has executed.

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 Hi Frank, I have worked on this issue at weekend and when I am reading your reply now it makes more sense. I believe you are right at your point. I discovered that if page is postback then the chart exports works fine. However, if i trigger a callback from an ASP.NET control which updates charts (meanwhile, all the charts are inside an updatepanel) then exported charts reflects only most recent postback changes but not this callback changes. So, why does asp.net callbacks do not effect any change on exports? Or If I enable and use ChartFX AJAX implementation, by using their callback implementation, would it work? Thanks.


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