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  1. In my first post only one image was uploaded so I am attaching the image that shows actual behavior. Above one what I'd expect to see.
  2. Hi, I am working on formatting multiple panes and have the following problem. I am trying to create multiple panes and each of them has its own title. When I try to increase space between the panes, somehow title separation also increases. I have tried to set Title-Separation property to zero, but it only works when separation property is small enough. I have tried following to reach expected outcome but it didn't work: Pane p2 = new Pane(); p2.Title.Text = "Secondary Pane"; p2.Separation = 50; p2.Title.Separation = 0; I have attached two images containing actual and expected charts. Ca
  3. Hi Rocio, I am using latest versions which I have downloaded last week from your website. That's why I have said never ending story since I had the very same issue with versions that were built 1.5 year ago when we used ChartFX first. I will contact with support team, however, we don't have a priority support package, so I don't know whether getting help is possible from them. BTW i will give exact version numbers at below in case you need them. Thanks for checking. ChartFX --> 7.0.3754.18555 GridFX --> 1.0.3664.21976
  4. Ok, finally i found at least one resolution. PSS is still not working, but at least i have found a way to overcome assembly issue. When I first installed it, I realized that it installs to "Program Files (x86)" directory rather than "Program Files" since it is a 32bit application and 32bit applications default directory is the first one. Thinking that installation for 64bit is not throughly tested and installation process may have static entries to regular "Program Files" I tried to install to Program Files by manually changing the installation directory and it didn't help (which I entered abo
  5. Hi, My company had stopped chartfx related development almost 1 and half year ago and they are planning to restart now. My manager wanted from me to get the chartfx environment ready since our earlier server we used to use for chartfx has been rebuilt and thus installation is gone. He gave me a virtual dev instance I can install chartfx. I have installed it and the first check i did was whether PSS is working. It was not. I remembered that I have asked questions about it when I was first dealing with chartfx, which yielded no results, and after all of this time, version updates, fixes etc cou
  6. Sorry pal, but not yet. However, another issue that I have reported is still under development so once it is fixed they will probably release either a service pack or hotfix. May be this issue will also be resolved when either of these applied. Hopefully:) Ferhat
  7. I am trying to sort my GridFX table and I found out a property called "SqlSortExpression" under Grid.Sorting. However, I could not be able to find out any API documentation either on the web or help file that comes with GridFX installation. Does anyone how to use this? Thanks.
  8. fomur

    GridFX Export

    Is there anyway to export GridFX content to HTML table? I have seen a message that such kind of feature were going to be released approximately two years ago. Does anyone know whether it is released? Thanks.
  9. OK, I found the solution when I design another page which initially does not produce this error and then started to produce it when I added some positioning elements. This problem occurs when you put a chart under a div tag that has a CSS styling element "position:relative". So if you face with same problem try to create a clean page and put your chart under a div tag without any styling. Then add this style="position:relative" to div tag and test it again (preferably with some left or right elements). If you started to see problem then try to clean your original page from position elements us
  10. Hi, I am using latest GridFX version as far as I know with Visual Studio 2008. When I click "Select Layout" option at Smart Tag of it visual studio crashes. Does anyone else experiencing the same issue? If yes, do you know how to solve it? Thanks. Version Details: GridFX Version: 1.0.3316.19583 Visual Studio Version: 9.0.30729.1 SP Event Reproduction Details: Add a GridFX under design mode Use smarttag to create datasource for it Create a SqlDataSource ( mine is using a stored procedure) Once your DataSource is ready click Select Layout Crash! (for me)
  11. Hi, I am trying to update charts and grids from same control. My grid is under an UpdatePanel and Chart is outside of it. I am trying to update chart using SFX callback whereas UpdatePanel can be updated from both inside and outside controls. However, so far I was only be able to update charts and grids with seperated controls. Do you have any suggestions with example code?
  12. Hi, Is anyone know how to use "OnDataSourceChanged" event of GridFX? I have tried it but it warned me like this :"No overload for 'UpdateGrid' matches delegate 'System.EventHandler'". I have tried I have looked around API notes to find out an example yet failed to do so. My sample code is below. Thanks for any help. Code at aspx file: <GridFX:Grid ID="Grid1" runat="server" DataSourceID="AccessDataSource1" Motif="Hotmail" Palette="Hotmail" Width="900px" OnDataSourceChanged="UpdateGrid"> //Details... </GridFX:Grid> Code at aspx.cs file (I have put all the options
  13. Hi Frank, I have worked on this issue at weekend and when I am reading your reply now it makes more sense. I believe you are right at your point. I discovered that if page is postback then the chart exports works fine. However, if i trigger a callback from an ASP.NET control which updates charts (meanwhile, all the charts are inside an updatepanel) then exported charts reflects only most recent postback changes but not this callback changes. So, why does asp.net callbacks do not effect any change on exports? Or If I enable and use ChartFX AJAX implementation, by using their callback implementa
  14. Hi, I am working on a export funtionality where I am trying to find all the chartfx objects with iterating the controls under a content page and exporting them as PNG files. Everything was working all fine until I transferred my code to a seperate assembly and added it as a dll to the bin folder of my website after compiling it. Right now, export functionality is still working, however, it does not reflect whatever shown on the page but rather shows default state of the chartfx objects which kills whole purpose of exporting. Any ideas to export these chartfx objects using a seperate assembly
  15. Is it possible to select two or more fields under one category under OLAP category selection panel? For example, if there is a Store category and under it if there are fields like "Store City", "Store Country" or "Store State" I am only able to select one of them. Thanks for any help.
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