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Duplicate Title Name on Postback


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I keep on getting duplicate title names on a graph.... basically I am trying to create the Chart title dynamically depending on what the user has chosen from a dropdown menu. so if they have selected Buyout from the drop down and they click "Chart" then the chart title should read Buyout, if they select venture then the chart tiel should read Venture.

Problem is when they first go and select the from the drop down it the chart titles is correct but when they go and select another option from the drop down it the chart title becomes the previous chart title remains and it also shows the new one they have selected. E.g. I go intot the page and I select Venture from the drop down and hit Chart then Venture will show on the chart title, if i then decide select Buyout from the drop down it will show the Venture and Buyout in the title (the data changes fine its just the titles that are causing the problem.) I hae tried puttinng a "If not page.ispostback" around the code but it still won't work.

Any ideas:


Dim td as New TitleDockable()td.Font = New Font("Arial", 12, FontStyle.Bold)td.TextColor = Color.DarkBluetd.Text = ChartTitleType(criteria_type) & " - " & " " & ChartTitleRegion(criteria_type) & ": Median IRR"Chart1.Titles.Add(td)

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