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Client .NET control Axis Min, Max, Step not sent to the server on postback


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We are using the .NET ChartFX control  (Version 7.0.2893.24916 Dated 12/11/2007). If a user changes the Axis Minimum, Maximum, or Step settings from the Properties dialog on the Y Axis tab, these new values are not sent to the server during postback and they are not retained by the .NET control after the postback completes. Other changed settings like Text Color, Text Font, Decimals, Format, Logarithmic, Angle, Staggered, and etc. are sent to the server in a postback and are retained by the .NET control after the postback completes. Is this a bug in the ChartFX control or is there a setting to prevent the control from resetting the Minimum, Maximum, and Step during the postback. I have attached a Visual Studio 2005 project to demonstrate this issue. Run the web page, change the Axis Min, Max, and Step to something like 25, 60, and 5 by using the Y-Axis Properties in the Properties Dialog, click the button to perform a postback, and look at the settings by using the debugger.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you. I am now getting the Minimum and Maximum values on a postback after I set this property

  chart1.TemplateContents = chart1.TemplateContents | FileContents.Scale;

Now I have another issue.

If I set the Axis to perform auto scaling with the following code

  chart1.AxisY.Min = double.MinValue; // Is there another way to set the Min to

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