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Adding a toolbar to Chart


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I have created a chart using (a trial version of) ChartFX for .NET 6.2, my website is written using ASP.NET on VS 2005.  I am wanting to add a toolbar to the chart so that the user can zoom into the chart and extract the values of the chart etc.  However I am unsure as to how this would be done, I thought that there was a standard toolbar that can be added by the following code;

Chart1.ToolBarObj.Visible =


However when I add this code nothing appears, is there more code that I have to add?


Also I am also wanting to check if it is possible to have a chart and a data view below it with different values so the chart would have data from one select statement and the dataview associated with the chart would have data from a different select statement?  I am wanting the dataview to offer a summary of the data in the chart.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Kind regards.

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Sorry should also have added that I have set the HTMLTag to .net with the following code;

Chart1.HtmlTag =


So I have;


Chart1.HtmlTag = ".net";

Chart1.ToolBarObj.Visible =



but I still cannot get the toolbar to display.  Also I still cannot find out if it is possible to have different data in the chart and dataview.  Any help would be gratefully received as I am somewhat pressed for time with this issue, thank you in advance.


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