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  1. Apologies, I think I may have been mixing up the terms/concepts it was a point/slice that I was looking to hide on the pie and still show on the dataEditor. Many thanks for clearing that up for me.
  2. I have a chart with 3 different points so A, B, C (the values of which are currently shown in both my chart and the dataEditor), what I want to do is show Total, A, B, C (where total is the sum of A, B, C) in the dataEditor and have only A, B, C in the chart. Is this possible? In the code I posted above there is only one series however I have tried the same code in multi series chart and the total value is still being shown in the chart even though I set visible to false. Thank you.
  3. Hi Frank, Thank you for the response. I am using .NET 6.2 and downloaded the latest service pack only a few weeks ago. So I have include a more detailed snapshot of my code below. I dont know if I need to download the service pack again considering I downloaded it not too long ago? If you need more details sent like a test app please tell me how to do this and I will send you the app. Thank you. ASPX file <ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" CodePage="0"EmbeddedData="False" Gallery="Pie" Height="300px" MainClient="True" Width="900px" LegendBox="False" Chart3D="True" Data
  4. Hi Frank, Thank you for your response. I have tried the code you suggested however this is adding the total to both the dataEditor and the Pie chart where I would it to be in the dataEditor only. The exact code I have entered is; Chart5.Series[3].Visible = false; Chart5.DataEditorObj.ShowHiddenSeries = true;where Series[3] contains the total value of all the previous totals. I cant under stand why it is still showing in the chart when I have set the visibility to false? Again I would appreciate any help you could offer.
  5. I am using a multi series pie chart with 2 series. What I am looking to find out is if it is possible to have different legends for the different series, so currently I have both series (pie charts) with 3 segments in the pie which are A, B, C however I am looking to have A, B, C in first Pie/Series and D, E, F in the second Pie/Series. The way I am currently setting the Legend/Label is as follows; Chart1.Legend[0] = "A"; Chart1.Legend[1] = "B";Chart1.Legend[2] = "C";However this sets the legends/labels on both pies/series and I was just looking for a way to have different legends for t
  6. Hi, I have a pie chart with the dataEditor showing. There are 3 values in the pie chart which are detailed in the dataEditor as you'd expect however I am wanting to know if it is possible to add an extra column to the dataEditor that will not be shown in the chart? So currently both the chart and editor have the values for x, y, z but I would like to show total, x, y, z in the data editor and still only have x, y, z as before in the chart. Is this possible? Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi Frank, Thank you for your response, once I changed the dates to ascending order the x-axis was displayed on the graph however as they are only displayed at regular intervals I am just wanting to convert the dates to a string and just display the string under all the bars in the chart. I am unsure as to how I would fill the DataType array to specify the second column should be treated as a string rather than a Date? Would you possible be able to send a code sample to illustrate how this would be done. Many thanks for all your help.
  8. My apologies, I have attached the image hope this works. Regards
  9. Hi, I am still having trouble trying to get the dates displayed along the x-axis of my chart and was hoping that someone would be able to help me, the SQL returns two columns of data the first of which is a number, the second is a DATE. I am trying to get the dates to line along the x-axis, the values are being displayed in the chart OK however the values are not being lined along the bottom of the x-axis as I wish. Any help would be gratefully received as I have been struggling with this for a while now. I have set the graph to show the axis during the set up using the wizard. I ha
  10. Hi Frank, Thank you for your response. I am still having problems trying to display the dates along the x-axis of the chart. I have copied in an image of what I have at the moment. The dates that are in the headers of the data editor, I also want them to be lined up along the x-axis of the chart. In the chart wizard I set the chart to show the x-axis however it is not showing, and I am not sure why that is. The code I have is; ASP.NET code to define chart; < ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" CodePage="0" EmbeddedData="False" Height="300px" InsideColor="T
  11. Sorry should also have added that I have set the HTMLTag to .net with the following code; Chart1.HtmlTag = ".net";So I have; Chart1.HtmlTag = ".net"; Chart1.ToolBarObj.Visible = true; but I still cannot get the toolbar to display. Also I still cannot find out if it is possible to have different data in the chart and dataview. Any help would be gratefully received as I am somewhat pressed for time with this issue, thank you in advance. Regards
  12. Hi, I have created a chart using (a trial version of) ChartFX for .NET 6.2, my website is written using ASP.NET on VS 2005. I am wanting to add a toolbar to the chart so that the user can zoom into the chart and extract the values of the chart etc. However I am unsure as to how this would be done, I thought that there was a standard toolbar that can be added by the following code; Chart1.ToolBarObj.Visible = true;However when I add this code nothing appears, is there more code that I have to add? Also I am also wanting to check if it is possible to have a chart and a data view below
  13. Hi, I am creating a chart for my website, the website is being developed using ASP.NET with C# code, the development evnironment is VS2005 on XP, the data behind the chart comes from an Oracle database. I have the chart below on the website What I am wanting to do is have the dates (which are the headers in the table) lined along the x-axis of the chart, the code I have is given below; DataView view = (DataView)SqlDataSource1.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty);DataTable table = view.ToTable(); Chart1.DataSource = table; Chart1.DataBind(); The data return fro
  14. Thank you for your response, Yes I was using Visual Studio ASP.NET Web Server which was the cause of the problem, apologies I had sent a post as soon as I found this information on the forum. However I got another problem once I have got the chart displaying on screen. The problem I am having is that the chart appears to be displaying random data even though, I believe, I have assigned a valid data source to it. I think that the problem may be down to the way I have assigned the data source to the chart, which I have done as follows. After creating the chart (Chart1) using the
  15. Apologies, Having looked in greater depth I have found a solution to the problem I was having above, http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/t/7843.aspx I was trying to run the chart using the embedded webserver and not the IIS. However having now got the chart to display there seems to be a problem with the data in the chart, it does not match the sql query that I am running, a simple example would be that I limit the number or rows returned from database to 3 and more than 3 entries are displayed in the chart. Can anyone please point me to an example of how to set the d
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