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What i am doing wrong?


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I use this code to initialize a Chart. If i don't add the chart as a control will compile and run ok, but if i try to put the chart as a control in my app this code will thrown an exception saying "Object not set to an instance of an object". What i am doing wrong? This is because my chart control is not initialized correct. Please help.

  if (clvi.LabelContent == "Histogram" && tablesListBox.SelectedIndex >= 0)
  // get the selected table
  DataTable selectedDataTable = tablesListBox.Items[tablesListBox.SelectedIndex] as DataTable;

  // create the chart control
  ChartFX.WPF.Chart chart = new ChartFX.WPF.Chart();
  chart.ItemsSource = null;
  chart.MultiPanes = true;

  // calculate the histogram data
  Histogram histogram = new Histogram(selectedDataTable, Properties.Settings.Default.HistogramBars);
  // add the histogram data to the chart
  //DataTemplate seriesTemplate = (DataTemplate)FindResource("NewBar2");
  for (int seriesIndex = 0; seriesIndex < histogram.Charts.Length; seriesIndex++)
  ChartFX.WPF.Axis axisY = new ChartFX.WPF.Axis();
  axisY.LabelFormat.Decimals = 2;

  ChartFX.WPF.SeriesAttributes series = new ChartFX.WPF.SeriesAttributes();
  series.Template = new DataTemplate();
  series.BindingPath = "Charts";
  series.AxisY = axisY;
  chart.ItemsSource = histogram.Charts;

  // add the chart to the tab control
  ti.Content = chart;//if i comment this line the error will not be thrown


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It is hard to know without context about your data.

- histogram.Charts should return a collection, this collection should have at least one numerical property

- The name of such property should be used as the series.BindingPath

- You might want to comment the series.Template = new DataTemplate() line as even if you can fix the NullReferenceException you will be generating an empty chart as the template you are providing has no visuals.

I noticed you are using an old version of our control since the MultiPanes property is now AllSeries.MultiplePanes, please download the most recent build or send a message to wpf at softwarefx dot com for an updated version.



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