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some point methods not working, what am I doing wrong???


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I must be doing something stupid but I've spent the last 2-3 hours trying to get this to work to no avail and now I'm desperate ^_^

All I want to do is add a custom text label to a certain point in my chart that has a single series.  Per the code and comment below, some of the point specific methods/properties seem to to work, others do not.  Is there any reason for this?  Why would the Marker shape/size work so obviously/easily, but the color of the Marker not work at all?

 Thanks for any help you can provide



//my code snippet, try to label a point!!chart1.Points[0, 100].Color = System.Drawing.Color.Blue; //DOES NOT WORK no matter what color I choose

chart1.Points[0, 1000].PointLabels.TextColor = System.Drawing.

Color.Blue;  //DOES WORK chart1.Points[0, 1000].PointLabels.Font = new Font("Arial", 10);  //DOES WORK

chart1.Points[0, 1000].PointLabels.Visible =

true;  //DOES WORK, shows the value of the data at that pointchart1.Points[0, 1000].MarkerShape = ChartFX.WinForms.MarkerShape.InvertedTriangle;  //DOES WORK

chart1.Points[0, 1000].MarkerSize = 10;  //DOES WORK

chart1.Points[0, 1000].Text = "XXX";  //DOES NOT WORK, (no matter where I place this stmt in the code)  argh!!!!! >:(


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>> About the Point Label

You have to change what we display in the point label by using the chart.PointLabelMask property. You will probably be using %v to show the value and %L to show the text associated with the point.

If I remember correctly you will want to use the Tag property, e.. chart1.Points[0,1000].Tag = "XYZ"

>> About the Point Color not working

What gallery type are you using? I noticed the index used for all other Point attributes was 1000 but the one used for the Color was 100, was this on purpose?



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Hi Juan,


thanks for the reply.  I'll try it.  Also I did incorrectly code '100' vs '1000'.  After fixing the code, the market color worked properly.

 BTW I can't find any reference to the PointLabelMask property.  I have the printed manual, the online help and a local help file.  If I do a search for PointLabelMask in the online help, I don't get any hits.  Reason I mention this is that while I think ChartFX is a great product, I get the sense that the only way to figure out how use ChartFX is to continually graze for a solution by trial and error, not a very efficient way to develop.  Do you have any suggestions regarding the best way to get familiar with ChartFX?

 Thanks again for your reply. 


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About PointLabelMask:

You are posting in the Chart FX for .NET 6.2 Forum, however, looking carefully at your code I noticed you are using Chart FX 7.

The property you are looking for (in Chart FX 7) is:


This property is documented (http://support.softwarefx.com/OnlineDoc/CfxNet70//WinAPI/PointLabelAttributes_Format.htm). It is not that hard to find.. The PointLabelAttributes class only has about a dozen properties. Like with any complex product, finding exactly what you are looking for takes a little reading.



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