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out-map: Template creator - 'Adjust Data to Map'


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Adjust data to map is used for two main purposes:

 1. To filter the data fields you want in your map: our maps need at least one string field which will be used as the link between your data and the map (e.g. country name), and one or more numerical fields. If you pass more than one string fields, you'd use "Adjust data to map" to select the field used as link. Also, it allows you to select the field(s) used for plotting. For example, if your data contains one field called country and two fields representing Population and Income-per-capita, you may want to create a map with one of those numerical fields only. However, if your data represents a comparison betwee two values, like election results, you probably want to use both values in your map, letting the map select the winner for each region.

2. To help you create the LabelLink file, via the UI.

In any event, adjust data to map makes sense only when you have passed data to the map. We are thinking about graying out this option until the data has been specified. Please let us know if you have found any other particular issue with this option.

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