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Increasing the font when doing a mouse-over on a map


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This may be documented, and I just don't know what I'm looking for...

When mouse-ing over a US state or a country in the world maps, a tooltip will popup with the name of that element (state or country), as well as the element name will appear directly on the map.  They both appear to have about the same font.

I can't find whether I can change the font/size of what shows for both or either of these.

Is it possible to modify the font/size?

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The documentation on pointlabels refers to this string:

Out-Map -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_From 20 -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_To 60 -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_Visible true -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_Font "Arial, 12"

I tried this, but it doesn't work:

PS C:\> gc country.csvCountry,PointsU.S.A.,20Canada,10PS C:\> import-csv country.csv|Out-Map -mapsource world\worldcountries -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_From 20 -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_To 60 -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_Visible true -ConditionalAttributes_0_PointLabels_Font "Arial, 12"WARNING: Property from not foundWARNING: Property to not found

Documentation error?

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