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Apparent bug when using 3 columns of data in a chart


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I've got a simple query that returns data on how many things we start and finish each hour. It basically returns something like the following (please forgive the formatting):

hour   starts   completions
----------- ----------- -----------
  0   99 197
  1 4   74
  2 0 3
  3 0 0
  4 0 0
  5   68 0
  6 116 0
  7 119   74
  8   71   56
  9   78 132
10 103   57
11 111 114
12   56 0
13   12   24
14   17 100
15   87 7
16 153 0
17   54 0
18 119 0
19   98 0
20   88   60
21   95 151
22   73   14
23   73   78

As you can see, there is always 24 values returned, and the x-axis should be from 0 to 23 (representing the hour of the day). However, when I try to plot this I get something like the following:

Posted Image 

I'm obviously trying to separate the "starts" from "completions", but I never get all the values of the x-axis displayed. Sometimes it shows 10, but other times it shows 11, so I don't know what's going on here.

Is there something specific I need to do to get this to work? Is this a known issue?

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I put your data in a CSV file and connected it to an X/Y line chart with no problem, getting the 24 points as expected. Please contact me at ivang@online.powergadgets.com (remove online) and I will give you the .pgf and .csv files.

Essentially, I created an X/Y chart using the hour column and the X axis value and the other two columns as Y axis values. Is that what you were doing? Are you using the Creator or the out-chart cmdlet?

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I don't have a solution, but we just upgraded to ASE 15, and this problem has gone away. We were running ASE 12.5.3 when this was a problem and I was using the OLEDB method of querying the data. There are a few quirks/differences within 15 from previous versions, but I'm not sure what solved this.

 Thanks for your help. 


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