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OK, so you are talking about 2 issues?

#1. When you do a PCAnywhere to your desktop, the gadgets don't appear as they should through your remote session?

#2. When you reboot the desktop itself, the gadgets don't appear as they should when the system restarts?  Or is this a reboot done through PCAnywhere, and you are still viewing the gadgets through the remote session?

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Problem is caused by rebooting the computer.. also caused by remoting to the computer..

Not just when viewing through the remote.. but when sitting at the computer..

Lets just focus on when I reboot the computer...

The gadets on the desktop get screwed up... I have to remove them and re-add them to the desktop.. I am on a vista OS..

One gadet is digital and one is chart.. both do the same thing..


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We have not tested our gadgets when using pcAnywhere but from your description it sounds like the personalization feature might be causing this.

This feature allows the gadgets to remember their position and size on the desktop, in the case of the chart where you can customize the gallery, colors, etc. it also remembers these settings.

Can you please try setting your gadgets to be non-personalizable by using the "Edit - Desktop Settings - Personalizable" menu item in the PG Creator?


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