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send-mail is attaching .dat files


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we use lotus notes (domino) for our email system..

I am testing the demo and when I do a 'ps | out-chart | send-mail .....' it sends the email but when I recieve it in my inbox it has a file called 'attg4p58.dat'


how is the send-mail supposed to work.. is it supposed to be attached or can it be embedded. what is the dat file.. how do I view it?


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I believe there is an issue with the current downloads where the extension of images is being stripped when sent via send-mail.  I believe your email system is seeing this attachment without the extension, and is actually stripping it from the message, and putting the .dat file in there.  You may be able to view the .dat file with Notepad, and that may confirm my assumption above.

Contact support@online.powergadgets.com (remove ".online") for the location of an update if you are willing to test it out.

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