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Multiple Gadgets (besides groups)


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Hi All,

  Is there a way to have multiple gadgets on a single "form"?  In other words: I'd like to have a dashboard with 6 digital readouts and 3 gauges.  Am I using groups wrong? When I set up a group, only one gadget can be viewed at a time.


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Currently, groups use a single gadget to display different pieces of data. Real dashboardng capabilities is one of the features we will probably add in a future version of PowerGadgets. In the meantime, PowerGadgets honors the desktop locaion and sizes, but that's about it. We have an interim alpha build that allows you to close/hide all of the gadgets at the same time, and is like the basis for a future dashboard feature. If you want to try that build please contact us at support@online.powergadgets.com (remove online)


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