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Dual wmi classes

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My problem is that i want to have 2 wmiobjects in the same gauge

This one i want to be the main gauge

Get-WmiObject win32_Processor | out-gauge -value LoadPercentage -float -refresh 0:0:1

And this one i want to be a innergauge

 get-wmiobject Win32_Process | group-object -property group | out-gauge -value count -type digital -refresh 0:0:1


I know how to use same object with two diffrent values in a gauge but how do i use two diffrent objects in the same gauge?


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This will get your started...  Copy and paste into your PSH session:

$val=Get-WmiObject win32_Processor|%{$_.loadpercentage}$val1=(get-wmiobject Win32_Process).countout-gauge -type digital -value $val -float -innergauges_add digital `-innergauges_0_digitalpanel_value $val1 -refresh 0:0:1

Only problem is that the -refresh will not work.  I think for it to work, the first 2 lines will have to be in a ps1 script.  Then they will have to pass their output to out-gauge.  Now, the complicated part might be that your trying to pass 2 values via a ps1 script, which you won't be able to do just by outputting a string.

You might actually have to pass *objects* to out-gauge so you can set your -value.  I don't know how to have a ps1 script output actual objects off the top of my head right now.

There might be another way that I can't think of right now...  I'll keep thinking about it unless someone else comes up with a solution.

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As always the key is first to come up with a script that returns the data you want in your gadget, in the following script I am using a powershell feature that allows you to add properties to any object.

Contents of DualProcData.ps1

$loadPerc = (get-wmiObject win32_Processor | measure-object -average LoadPercentage).Average
$procCount = (ps).Count
$obj = new-object system.object
add-member -inputobject $obj -membertype NoteProperty -Name LoadPercentage -value $loadPerc
add-member -inputobject $obj -membertype NoteProperty -Name ProcessCount -value $procCount

Note that I changed how you are getting the LoadPercentage so that it works in multi-proc systems, also I used ps instead of get-wmi to get the processes count.

Now you can use the fact that our gadgets support scriptblocks in many properties (read more here and here)

dualprocdata | out-gauge -value LoadPercentage -innergauges_add digital -innergauges_0_digitalpanel_value {$_.ProcessCount} -InnerGauges_0_Layout_Target AnchorPoint -InnerGauges_0_Layout_AnchorPoint 0,-0.6 -float -refresh 0:0:10

And before anybody complain about typing all this Posted Image, remember, copy and paste it in a ps1 file and you will never have to type it again


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I was going down that same path. I couldn't get past the script block for the inner gauge.  I knew I was close.


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