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out-chart with a large number of labels


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I'm creating a chart with a large number of values for a label.

Think of something like: "ps|out-chart -label processname -values cpu"

Is there any kind of formatting features I can use for the labels?  Like rotating them to a 45 degree angle or using a "force" option to make sure I see all the labels (even if there might be "collisions" or overlaying).

(Maybe I'll have to implement the drilldown feature...)

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There are several properties for the labels to play with, obviously these can be combined. This is an interesting topic so we will probably add a blog post in the future.

- Affect how much vertical space the X axis can use, note that we may sill hide some labels if we consider the labels will overlap with each other.
ps | out-chart -label ProcessName -values cpu -axisx_MaxSizePercentage 50

- Force all labels to be shown, note that we have an algorithm that selects whether we should set the labels at 45 or 90 degrees, by setting the Step property you assume responsibility of selecting the angle
ps | out-chart -label ProcessName -values cpu -AxisX_Step 1 -AxisX_LabelAngle 90

- Change the font
ps | out-chart -label ProcessName -values cpu -AxisX_Font "Tahoma, 6"

Note that if you incorporate our tab-completion improvements, you will be able to quickly browse through many interesting properties by typing
out-chart -axisX_<TAB>



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