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Gadgets don't work when I pipe output first.


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Any time I pipe output into anything other than a powergadget cmdlt it just hangs.  For example this works fine:

 PS | out-chart

 Where this will fail:

 PS | where {$_.Company -like "*Microsoft*"} | out-chart

Powershell just sits there after executing the command, but never goes back to the prompt.  It works this way with every Powergadget any time I pipe output before sending it to a Powergadget.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled .NET, Powershell, and Powergadgets. Any ideas?

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There is a missing close quote in your pipe (after Microsoft*). First, I tried your line and got a >> symbol from PowerShell, which indicated that the line was not complete for execution. Then I realized about the missing quote and tried the following, which works fine for me:

PS | where {$_.Company -like "*Microsoft*"} | out-chart

I also tried your line without piping to out-chart, with the same results (>>): PS | where {$_.Company -like "*Microsoft*}


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The email has been sent.  How was I able to download this "interim" version just the other night?  Shouldn't this be removed and replaced with the proper version?  That is a pretty major bug, and the version I downloaded was the only one available on your page.

Thanks for the help.





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