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Samples directory in the 1.0.2574.*. build


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In our initial usability tests, it seemed that having shortcuts to the samples in the Start menu could be somehow misleading because they didn't execute upon clicking on the sample, but rather the ps1 was open. For such reason, we decided to leave the samples folder but removing the links. We are still debating whether exposing the samples through the Start menu is a good practice or not. What is your opinion on that?


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Yeah, valid point about just seeing Notepad open up.  That got me when I first got PowerGadgets (and was a novice to PowerShell also).

For someone experience enough that's fine.  I'm thinking people new to the product may want it to work easily though.

I'm not sure if it would be beneficial to have the samples run as .vbs and be able to call PowerShell along with the PG profile so the samples really work straight from the Start menu.

Hmmm...  Maybe others will weigh in on this...  I'm on the fence here, and see the + and - of having it both ways.

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