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ok, I'm a newbie to ChartFX 7.  would someone please give me guidance on how I can create a pie chart with labels that display the % of each slice.  I was trying to load a screenshot here for a visual but was unable to do so.  So for example if I have a 2 point pie chart and one of the points is 30% the other is 70% I would like to see those numbers displayed over the top of the slices.




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ok, so I have figured how to so get a pie chart, change color, supply data, etc.  But I have one big question.  why is it that the pie itself is much smaller than the actual size of the chart?

 I have my chart height and width set at 400, but the pie is really small in comparison to the size of the actual image displayed on the page.  Is there away to get a large pie without have to having to increase the height and width of the chart?


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Serveral reasons:

1) The pie is perfectly round. If the chart control is not square, the minimum between the width and height will be used as the pies diameter.

2) Additional margins are reserved for point labels (if Point Labels are shown). You can limit the amount of space allocated to the point labels by using the MaximumLabelMargin property in the Pie class:

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Pie;

Pie myPie = (Pie) chart1.GalleryAttributes;

myPie.MaximumLabelMargin = 5;


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I also think that pie charts size may be bigger than they are at the moment.

Please look at my screen shot. Pies to the left have original size. Pies to the right were increased by me, they look much better. What prevents component from creating a full size pie chart? There are a lot of free space on chart, and even if minimum between the width and height will be used as the pies diameter, they should be bigger.

Please check this issue. I also believe that for 3d charts height and width should be calculated separately, that is you shouldn't just take minimum of them when calculating pie diameter.

Best regards, Oleg.

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chart1.PlotAreaMargin.Left = chart1.PlotAreaMargin.Right = chart1.PlotAreaMargin.Top = chart1.PlotAreaMargin.Bottom = 1;

chart1.AllSeries.Volume = 100;

This will get you the maximum possible size.

As for 3D: This is by design. We do not want the pie to change size (width) when you rotate it in the X Axis.

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