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  1. Hello, How can I change label/tooltip format in HorizontalGauge? I need labels/tooltips to be displayed in "#,##0.##M" format. I tried HorizontalGauge.MainIndicator.Format.FormatCustom, but this doesn't help. Please advise ASAP. My configuration: VS2008 SP1 Latest ChartFX Gauges ChartFX.Base, Version 6.2.1342.0 ChartFX.WebForms.Gauge, Version1.0.2601.0 Best regards, Oleg Yaroshevych.
  2. ChartFX team, I've found serious problem in Chart FX. When I set Axis.LogBase=1, ChartFX goes into the endless loop. I had to kill ASP.NET process to stop it. You can reproduce this bug with any sample shipped with your product, for example, with AxisLabels sample. My configuration: XP SP3 IIS 5.1 VS 2008 Chart FX 7.0 (ChartFX.WebForms, Version=7.0.3306.26568) Best regards, Oleg Yaroshevych
  3. serious

    Pie charts

    Thanks a lot. It works.
  4. serious

    Pie charts

    Hello, I also think that pie charts size may be bigger than they are at the moment. Please look at my screen shot. Pies to the left have original size. Pies to the right were increased by me, they look much better. What prevents component from creating a full size pie chart? There are a lot of free space on chart, and even if minimum between the width and height will be used as the pies diameter, they should be bigger. Please check this issue. I also believe that for 3d charts height and width should be calculated separately, that is you shouldn't just take minimum of them when calculati
  5. Hello, I am using ChartFX charts in an AJAX panel. I discovered that in Safari browser hints are displayed incorrectly after panel refresh. Looks like image map doesn't refresh when image refreshes. Links that I use for drilldown also work incorrectly (I use Chart.AllSeries.Link). The same code works fine in IE and FF. Please refer to the code I've attached to reproduce the problem. Move mouse over a chart to check the hints. My configuration: Chart FX 7.0.2893.24916 Safari 3.1.1 (525.17) FF IE 7.0.5730.11 So, what should I do to get it work in Safari? Best regards, Oleg
  6. Looks like the problem was in RandomData-Series attribute. Default.aspx <chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource1" Height="250px" Width="375px"> </chartfx7:Chart> <chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart2" runat="server" DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource1" SelectMethod="GetData" RandomData-Series="1"> </chartfx7:Chart> <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" SelectMethod="GetData" TypeName="Class1"></asp:ObjectDataSource> Default.aspx.cs Chart1.SetMessageText("NoData", "My No Data Availa
  7. Where should I place this code? I tried to add it into Page_Load, but i doesn't work. ChartFX 7.0.2893.24916
  8. Here is the screenshot with "prevent collisions" feature enabled. Best regards, Oleg
  9. Frank, Thanks for pointing me out on Chart.Hidden field. It works. I manually adjusted point labels layout for the specific chart data. All labels are visible, and user can determine which label belongs to which category. See the screenshot. It is better to use PointLabels-LineAlignment="Center" for small categories, but currently it doesn't works (labels are clipped). <chartfx7:Chart ID="LowApproversChart" runat="server" Height="400px" DataSourceID="LowApproversDataSource" RandomData-Series="8" Width="375px" ContextMenus="False"> <AxisX Title-Text="">
  10. Frank, By the way, look at my first screen shot. There is a lot of space where to put point labels, but your algorithm didn't do this. Best regards, Oleg
  11. Hi, Frank, I agree that my case is a bit complex, and maybe it is not a situation your algorithm was designed for. I don't see how, even doing it manually you can organize the labels on this chart making clear which label corresponds to which segment. At least chart can hide empty categories, so "0" point label will not be shown (There is another disadvantage in current behavior: topmost empty category in the stacked bar chart is visible in 3D view). You should think about hiding empty categories in the charts. It may be a property in the component interface. One more thing that pr
  12. Thanks for the suggestion related to the pie charts. It seems to be acceptable for us. As for stacked bar charts problems. Setting LineAligment property doesn't solve the problem. Setting Aligment works, but sometimes it may produce really confusing results. See my screen shot for example. David Bowman has 0 Disapproved items, so this category is hidden in his bar, but point label is visible. Point labels for Reconciled and Disapproved categories look like one label, so user sees that there are 50 Reconciled items. This is not acceptable behavior. Definitely, you should fix this bug with
  13. The problem exists in pie charts too, "prevent collisions" doesn't work.Here is my markup: <chartfx7:Chart ID="TopAlertsChart" runat="server" Height="250px" RandomData-Series="2" Width="750px" ContextMenus="False" DataSourceID="TopAlertsDataSource"> <SpecialObjects> <chartfx7galleries:Pie ExplodingMode="All" SliceSeparation="10" /> </SpecialObjects> <DataSourceSettings> <Fields> <chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="This Month" Name="ThisMonth" Usage="Value" /> <chartfx7:FieldMap DisplayName="Previous Month" Name="PrevMonth
  14. Hello, I use point labels in stacked bar chart and enable "prevent collisions" feature. In VS2008 designer everything looks fine, but in the browser some point labels are not visible. What should I do to use "prevent collisions" feature correctly?Here is my markup: <AllSeries Gallery="Bar" Stacked="Normal" PointLabels-Visible="true" pointlabelorganizer-autoarrange="True" pointlabelorganizer-enabled="True"> Best regards, Oleg.
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