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Chartfx Cleint server returns exception


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I am the new user of ChartFx Client server control.

I have installed ChartFx Cleint Server 5.1 on my PC(Licenced version), now i am trying to write small MFC Dialog based application using Visual Studio 2005.

I have registered "Cfx4032.ocx" and "sfxbar.dll" in my PC. and added the import directives as below - this is mentioned in ChartFx's programer guide.

In your precompiled header (STDAFX.H)

// DEFINITION of COM wrappers

#import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace no_implementation

#import "Cfx4032.ocx" no_namespace no_implementation

In your implementation (STDAFX.CPP)


#import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace implementation_only

#import "Cfx4032.ocx" no_namespace implementation_only


I am trying to run the sample application given in ChartFx installed folder(Cfx98 project) and this runs very well.

Now i have copied the same code to my VC2005 project and this code compiles well only.

If i run in debug mode, the application throws me an exception. i ahve no clues why thsi execption is ocurring, but my sample project runs fine.

Any response would be of great help.


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Hello Thanks for your response!

I have posted the code snippet below:

I have craeted the pointer to the ChartControl  as below - This is as given in the ChartFX Programmers guide.

This code in my dialog header file

CWnd m_ChartFX1;

IChartFXPtr m_pChartFX1;

In my DDX function i have the below code:

DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_CHART1, m_ChartFX1);

if (!pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate) { // Link Chart FX pointer to control window

m_pChartFX1 = m_ChartFX1.GetControlUnknown();



Then i use m_pChartFX1 to call teh Chart control functions.




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