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  1. Hi! We still have issues in installing the SP. The download is sucessful, but when we extract the zip file and try to run the exe file in the zip, we can lauch an installer screen there we select the installations and click on Install button, then the installer crashes. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Samaya
  2. Hi! We have tried downloading the Chart FX Client Server 5.1 Service Pack http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/e318249/Desktop/SP_Err.bmp from the below link in Softwarefx site, we are just able to download the zip file, but when we extract it and run the exe the Internet explore crashes and closes abruptly. http://support.softwarefx.com/ProductBase.aspx?Product=Cfx51 Let us know if there is new link for the SP or any suggestions to solve this problem ASAP. Thanks, Samaya
  3. Hello Thanks for your response! I have posted the code snippet below: I have craeted the pointer to the ChartControl as below - This is as given in the ChartFX Programmers guide. This code in my dialog header file CWnd m_ChartFX1; IChartFXPtr m_pChartFX1; In my DDX function i have the below code: DDX_Control(pDX, IDC_CHART1, m_ChartFX1); if (!pDX->m_bSaveAndValidate) { // Link Chart FX pointer to control windowm_pChartFX1 = m_ChartFX1.GetControlUnknown(); } Then i use m_pChartFX1 to call teh Chart control functions. Thanks. WebSite27.zip
  4. Hi! I am the new user of ChartFx Client server control. I have installed ChartFx Cleint Server 5.1 on my PC(Licenced version), now i am trying to write small MFC Dialog based application using Visual Studio 2005. I have registered "Cfx4032.ocx" and "sfxbar.dll" in my PC. and added the import directives as below - this is mentioned in ChartFx's programer guide. In your precompiled header (STDAFX.H) // DEFINITION of COM wrappers #import "sfxbar.dll" no_namespace no_implementation #import "Cfx4032.ocx" no_namespace no_implementation In your implementation (STDAFX.CPP) //
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