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ChartFX not visible when AJAX is used


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I have a checkbox, chart fx control inside an updatePanel.

By clicking on the check box i should load the chartfx using the AsynchronousTrigger.

But when i click the check box that is inside the updatePanel, the ChartFX becomes invisible.

When i take the check box out of the updatePanel, it works fine.

 Please enlight me on this.

Thanks in advance 


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How are you rendering the chart? What's the value of RenderFormat?

We know that the UpdatePanel doesn't know how to handle <OBJECT> tags, so if you are rendering as .NET the UpdatePanel will choke.

If you are rendering as Image it should work, we have done some tests with this, if this is the case and you are experiencing a problem, please attach a sample project t that reproduces the problem.

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Agree, not supporting <OBJECT> tags is a major limitation of the ASP.NET AJAX Framework.

I don't understand your question about "how to keep the chart out of the update panel". Besides the obvious answer of "don't put it inside of it" which I'm sure is not what you are looking for.

Note that you can render the chart as an image and still have a lot of interactivity (we use AJAX) so you may want to consider switching to image rendering due to this limitation in the UpdatePanel.


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I am working on a legacy site. Previous programmers put update panel surrounding just about everything. I don't have leverage to rearrange those update panels right now. So you tell me how do I keep the chart out when the top level compoent inside the body tag is the update panel.

If I go with image output, can I show a custom snippet on a scattered chart point when user hoevers on it. The snippet could be a small window that could be shown using javascript.

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Hi Frank,

When using .NET as RenderingFormat, we have more nice options in 3D, Zoom etc.. than using it as Image format.

As .NET format doesnt work with UpdatePanel, we had to use Image format to make UpdatePanel work.

But is there any other way to make the options (3D, Zoom)  to work with Image format just like how it works in .NET format.

I request you to help me on this.



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If I am not wrong, advanced features are not available when using image format. Features like custom tooltips and some 3D options. Images have limited interactivity due to their inherent purpose. When graph is rendered as .NET, it is an interative web control so it can handle a lot of events.

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