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Build issues - license file error


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I am trying to test how we would build our projects using this library.  Everything works fine on my development machine, after installing the beta download package.  I have copied the project files to another machine, where I did not install ChartFX.

I have copied ChartFX.WPF.dll and ChartFX.WPF.Design.dll to a folder on the new machine, and added a project reference to them.  I also have a licenses.licx file in my project's Properties folder, which has the following entry:

ChartFX.WPF.Chart, ChartFX.WPF, Version=0.8.2957.30556, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a1878e2052c08dce

 However, when I try to build the project on the new machine, I get the following error:

Properties\licenses.licx(1): error LC0004: Exception occurred creating type 'ChartFX.WPF.Chart, ChartFX.WPF, Version=0.8.2957.30556, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a1878e2052c08dce' System.ComponentModel.LicenseException: Couldn't get Design Time license for 'ChartFX.WPF.Chart'

 Any insights as to how I can fix this?


Todd M



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I am assuming that builds can only occur if the machine has run the ChartFX install, and that since my other machine does not have ChartFX installed, that is the source of the error.  Is that correct?

 If so, does that mean that every one of our build machines would have to actually install ChartFX?

Other charting libraries we have used have allowed us to put the referenced component DLL on the build machine as part of downloading the project source,  and have not required an actual install of the product.  This is important for us, since our build process will randomly choose an available machine to download code to and build on, based on available resources.  If an install is required on every build machine, that could be a problem.

 Any info would be appreciated.

Todd M

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