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There is a serious problem with this forum and IE7 (7.0.5730.11CO)


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Every time I do a keyword search and click a result that is a reply to a post I get into this endless loop of postbacks that continues until my browser crashes (if I let it).

These are real postbacks, because I can hit "BACK" through all of them to get back to the search results.

If I don't hit back it never stops until the browser crashes.

Firefox does not have this problem

Advice? (other than the obvious "use Firefox" because it's not a solution...)

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I use IE7 (for a while now) and I do not get this problem, I asked around some of my colleagues who also use IE7 and none of them have the problem.

The software we use to host this forum is not our own, so I really don't know how to help you here.

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Ok; thanks to Asif for peek-ing my interest again. I've figured out that the problem manifests when I'm in "Threaded View". Therefore the workaround is simple; don't use "Threaded View". Case solved!

I've attached video proof... sorry the video is so short but it does give you the gist of things. The process you see in the video is repeated constantly and consistently, and does not end. The only ways out of the loop are to 1) let the browser eventually crash, or 2) change the view to "Flat View".

Just wanted you guys to know.


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