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  1. Frank, Thank you for a quick and solid answer.
  2. Maybe the attached screenshot will help us get on the same page. The Setup: 1. This is a bar chart. 2. The output is PNG. 3. Each bar on the chart is linked to a subsequent page. 4. Linking is handled by a map generated by Chart FX 6.2. The Problem: 1. The first time I hit the TAB key on my keyboard on the chart, the first item tabbed to is the bar on the far right (MATLS). 2. Each subsequent TAB "advances" the selection one bar to the LEFT. I've just discovered what has to be a contributing factor... the <MAP> generated by Chart FX 6.2 lists each bar in the REVER
  3. No quite what I meant; if I'm not mistaken, ChartFX generates a single PNG or JPEG image as the chart and uses maps/hotspots to control the clickable points. It's these clickable points that have the wrong tab order. Please help? Thanks!
  4. Anyone? Anyone? I need to put this in Production very soon, and this was a sticking point with the 508 review. Please help? Thanks!
  5. Ok; thanks to Asif for peek-ing my interest again. I've figured out that the problem manifests when I'm in "Threaded View". Therefore the workaround is simple; don't use "Threaded View". Case solved! I've attached video proof... sorry the video is so short but it does give you the gist of things. The process you see in the video is repeated constantly and consistently, and does not end. The only ways out of the loop are to 1) let the browser eventually crash, or 2) change the view to "Flat View". Just wanted you guys to know. Thanks!
  6. Asif, I don't think anyone is questioning the level of support here; in fact, my post was to assist with anyone ELSE that may be having the problem.
  7. Understood; I'll put it to the Community Server folks.
  8. Every time I do a keyword search and click a result that is a reply to a post I get into this endless loop of postbacks that continues until my browser crashes (if I let it). These are real postbacks, because I can hit "BACK" through all of them to get back to the search results. If I don't hit back it never stops until the browser crashes. Firefox does not have this problem Advice? (other than the obvious "use Firefox" because it's not a solution...)
  9. If there is no elegant way to do this using the ChartFX API you may want to consider: Filtering the data in DataView #1 Pushing DataView #1 to new DataTable #2 Removing the columns you don't want from DataTable #2 Creating DataView #3 based on DataTable #2 Binding DataView #3 to the chart (or you could skip this step and bind DataTable #2) Definitely a kludge but it will work.
  10. Is there a way to control the Tab Order on Bar Charts (PNG)? Right now, when I generate a chart the tab order starts on the right hand side of the chart and ends with the left-most bar. Thanks in advance!
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