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Failed to map the path '/chartfx62/temp/


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I am running Chartfx62 in Visual Studio 2005.  On running this web app in debugger I recieve Failed to map the path '/chart62/temp'.  I have verified that I have a vertual directory called ChartFx62 on my website which points to the ChartFX62 subdirectory.  When I run my web app in a brower I am able to view my page without this error.  I am only getting this error when trying to browse this web app within my application using the debugger.

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I am using the VS asp.net server as it is used to step through debugger which is required for this app.  I thought the IIS debugger was used primarily for services.  At any rate I would love to purchase the Chart Fx 7.0 and still may be able to talk the powers to be to do so, however for now I have what I have for now.  Is there a way to wrap the chart fx 6.2 in a 1.1 framework and use interop in the 2.0 framework.  Just thinking outside the box here.  Thanks

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Well the ASP.NET Web Server was released as part of VS 2005, this is after Chart FX 6.2, so we couldn't have possibly foreseen what needed to be done to make it work there on this version at the time we developed it.

We did it on the next version (Chart FX 7).

In VS 2005 you can create/debug projects in both IIS (like it was done in VS 2003) or the VS Asp.NET server. Chart FX 6.2 only works with IIS. It is not so much a problem of which framework is used but what capabilities the Web Server has.

In particular the VS ASP.NET Server does not have the concept of virtual folders. A concept required by Chart FX 6.2.

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