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  1. I am using the VS asp.net server as it is used to step through debugger which is required for this app. I thought the IIS debugger was used primarily for services. At any rate I would love to purchase the Chart Fx 7.0 and still may be able to talk the powers to be to do so, however for now I have what I have for now. Is there a way to wrap the chart fx 6.2 in a 1.1 framework and use interop in the 2.0 framework. Just thinking outside the box here. Thanks
  2. I am running Chartfx62 in Visual Studio 2005. On running this web app in debugger I recieve Failed to map the path '/chart62/temp'. I have verified that I have a vertual directory called ChartFx62 on my website which points to the ChartFX62 subdirectory. When I run my web app in a brower I am able to view my page without this error. I am only getting this error when trying to browse this web app within my application using the debugger.
  3. IF I remove the ChartFx the project will build. It also works if I use Visual Studio 2003. I have configured my Internet Zone to Full Trust, still, with no luck. I also tried to create a new 2005 web project and included only the ChartFx.internet control into it. This as well will not build. Again I have no trouble following the exact same process with building in a 2003 project
  4. I am currenlty using the chartsfx Internet version 6.2 in Visual Studio 2005. After I follow this process : 1: Create a New Web Forms project in Visual Studio .NET 2: Select the Web Forms Tab. 3: Right-click on the Toolbox background. 4: Select Customize Toolbox. 5: On the Customize Toolbox Dialog, select the ".NET Framework Components" tab. 6: Press the "Browse" Button. 7: Locate and Select the "ChartFX.Internet.dll" assembly on the Chart FX bin directory. I select build and recieve the following error: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, Syst
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