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Avoiding pie-chart cutoff when stretching window


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First off, I really like what I'm seeing in the library so far, and can't wait to see it released.

 I've created a project with a pie chart.  It is hosted in the cell of a WPF Grid.  As the window and grid size changes, the pie chart gets larger or smaller, which is just the behavior I want.  However, if the user widens the window without increasing the height of the window (stretches the window horizontally only), the pie chart grows both horizontally and vertically.  The net effect is that the top and bottom of the chart get cut off.

Is there a property I can set which will tell the chart to limit the amount it grows so it is not cut off?

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>> First off, I really like what I'm seeing in the library so far,

We appreciate your feedback, note that we have not released our final styles so we hope you will be even more happy when you see our default chart (styles, palettes, etc.) as well as design time experience in VS and Blend.

>> It's not an issue with the chart, it's WPF.  If I put everything in a Viewbox, the Stretch property controls the aspect ratio the way I want.

You should not need a Viewbox, I think what is happening is that the chart unlike most controls does not have a "natural" size, we can render a chart at 200x200 or 600x400. Because of this you will get the result you want if you make sure that the column/row where the chart resides is not set to "Auto" but instead to "*"



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