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PointLabels not within boundary of bar chart


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Having a few problems with the point labels on my bar chart. The point labels are not staying within the boundaries of the bar chart, causing them to overwrite the x-axis label for lowest negative value, and writing over the chart border on the higher positive values.

I can solve the "higher positive values" problem by switching the AxesStyle to Math (removing the top border), but I have not come up with a way to keep the "lowest negative value" from overwriting the Axis label.


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It does not look like the problem described in this article is what you are experiencing.

Labels may go in the X-Axis area if there is nowhere else for them to go, Chart FX will not try to align them differently if they are close to the X-Axis.

A possible solution is to decrease the Min value so that there is room for the labels within the plot area.

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The point label's vertical alignment will always be inverted for negative values.

What you can do is to create a conditional attribute that inverts the alignment of negative values:

ConditionalAttributes ca = new ConditionalAttributes();

ca.PointLabels.LineAlignment =

StringAlignment.Near;ca.Condition.From = double.NegativeInfinity;

ca.Condition.To = 0;



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Hmm, couldn't get that solution to work (pointlabels is a boolean property), but here's the general fix I came up with in case anyone else runs into this issue.

 double dSpace = 0.125; //percentage of your chart that the point labels should take up, in this case I'm going with 1/8 of the chart

 double dBarMin = chtBar.AxisY.Min;  double dBarMax = chtBar.AxisY.Max;  double dBarTotal = dBarMax + (-1* dBarMin);  //total Y size double dBottomPad = (dBarTotal * dSpace); //how much extra y-value to tag onto the lower end   chtBar.AxisY.Min = chtBar.AxisY.Min - dBottomPad;

Hit Test Problems.zip

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